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Neal Welcome Center & Museum

Experience a step back into time as you enter the 1883 J.T. Sims/Neal building, where the Carlisle-Nicholas County Welcome Center, Museum and Mozart Hall are located. You'll experience the history and culture of our county and surrounding areas from the 1800's up through today as you stroll through the Museum's impressive collection of artifacts and exhibits. It's an entertaining and educational experience for the whole family. 

Visitors can take a Docent-guided tour of the building and its exhibits, or may explore the galleries at their own pace. 

Neal Building Notable Facts:
  • This building originally housed a grocery and general store on the ground floor, with the "Mozart Hall" performing arts venue upstairs.

  • In the late 1800's, Mozart Hall was home to traveling musicians and vocalists who entertained the townspeople.  Vintage advertisements for some of these performers are among the fascinating things you'll see during your visit. 

  • The building later was used as a variety store called "Noah's Ark."

  • The Neal family operated a business in this location from 1932 until 2003, when they donated the building to the Nicholas County Historical Society.

  • Carlisle-Nicholas Co. Tourism, Inc. and the Nicholas County Historical Society restored the building to the way it looked in the early 1880's, preserving many architectural elements and  pieces original to that time.

  • Mozart Hall continues to provide a gathering space for community events, and it is available for rent as a beautiful yet affordable venue for weddings and other special events. The space includes a warming kitchen.  Call the Tourism office for information.

Neal Welcome Center & Museum

108 West Main Street, Carlisle KY 40311


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