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Wendt's Wildlife Adventure

​From sloths, kangaroos and camels to emu, cattle and the much-loved Parakeet Encounter, you will get to view, interact with and learn about many diverse and interesting species at Wendt's Wildlife Adventure. You’ll even have the opportunity to pet and feed many of the animals!


While the animals are the stars of the show, there is more to see and do during your visit. Bring a picnic and take in the sights and sounds at one of the picnic areas. Then let the kids expend some energy! There is a playground, a small splash pad and a big sandbox, plus guests are free to go exploring by the creek that runs through the property.

While at Wendt's, be sure to visit the Daniel Boone historic site. Situated on the very land where Daniel Boone once lived and hunted, featuring his last Kentucky home-cabin which was built by Boone in 1795.

Whether you make a quick visit to the animals or make a day of it by adding a picnic, playtime and frozen treats, you're sure to enjoy the time you spend at Nicholas County's family-owned zoo!

Wendt's Wildlife Adventure

3740 Maysville Road, Carlisle KY 40311



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